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On November 12, 2020, MM+M held its first-ever Media Summit, an event that (virtually) brought together A-list organizations and individuals from all parts of the health-media spectrum: digital, print, television, radio (terrestrial/satellite), out-of-home and everything in between.

The day’s sessions covered a wide range of topics including the revolutionary effect of programmatic technology in the health marketing realm, the enduring appeal of traditional health publishers and channels and the growth of point of care into a hugely influential platform.

In this eBook you'll find key takeaways from discussions on:

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How the biggest technology companies in the world are making health a priority
• A contrast of yesterday’s definition of “point of care,” which didn’t venture beyond the physicians’ office, with today’s vastly expanded platforms including pharmacies and patients’ homes
• The evolution of programmatic buying and how media experts are incorporating strategy and even creativity to leverage its capabilities in the health space
• New out-of-home platforms that provide exciting engagement opportunities for both consumers and HCPs
• Traditional media’s evolving role as the worlds of media begin to merge
• A look at recent award-winning campaigns that highlight lessons in thinking with an innovator’s mindset