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It’s hard to argue that race-based inequality in healthcare access and outcomes has become one of the two defining topics of the medical marketing media the past year, in tight tandem with the coronavirus, whose appearance made those inequities all the starker.

What is the role of businesses and brands in leading change to break the cycle of racism and its derivatives of microaggressions and implicit bias against BIPOC individuals in modern-day America?

This eBook summarizes the panel discussions that took place during MM+M’s Racial Equity Summit, held virtually on February 10. The event shed light on these topics and discussed how companies should respond in an authentic manner, the danger of opportunistic behavior and the toll this continued injustice places on people of color in their work and personal lives.

Some insights include:

• How pharma and healthcare organizations can build inclusive and relatable cultures that empower all staffers to show up as their true selves, tapping into authenticity as a business driver

•  Why seeking diversity is not only just the right thing to do in a company, but how it’s also good for business

• Why BIPOC representation in medical marketing agencies at the leadership level of small and large agencies alike still lags behind the general U.S. population at large

• Why pharma’s attempts to diversify its teams have yielded slow results

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