Channels of Wisdom for Point of Care

While hospitals are not often front and center in the point-of-care conversation, they are critical places to reach patients and providers. Moreover, a patient’s knowledge about their condition results in collaborative decision-making with their doctor and influences both the physician’s script writing and the patient’s adherence to medication.

In this eBook from The Wellness Network, we take a look at how educational health TV content can be a powerful point-of-care clinical tool, with health education solutions recommended by clinicians and provided by hospitals commanding full credibility, motivating patients to pay attention and trust in the information. Content includes:

Where TV and POC Meet

How The Wellness Network’s byte-sized videos are changing patient behavior, covering topics from condition management and treatment to lifestyle change to interviews with patients at various points in their journey.

Getting Granular About Script Conversations

Highlighting the results of a never-before-seen third-party survey of 151 cardiology and oncology providers, this article answers the burning question, “What influences providers most when suggesting scripts to patients?”

Numbers Don’t Lie 

This infographic presents a breakdown of what patients and caregivers who had overnight stays in a hospital had to say about their TV content. Spoiler alert: By educating patients when and where they’re searching for information they need the most, hospital TVs support both patient outcomes and marketing initiatives.

For anyone invested in reaching patients at an influenceable moment, The Wellness Network’s Channels of Wisdom for Point of Care eBook shows how being part of the conversation means creating better health.

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