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The pressure is on for companies looking to successfully launch their first biopharma product: Nearly 66% of all drug launches fail to meet pre-launch sales expectations.

The landscape is fraught with roadblocks and uncertainty. Competition is stiff. The regulatory environment is rapidly evolving. Regulators, payers, physicians and patients all demand demonstrated value, defined by both cost and outcomes. Patients require increasing support, adherence rates remain notoriously low and, as therapies become more targeted, reaching small populations of providers and patients becomes more challenging.

In this eBook, sponsored by Cardinal Health, we’ll explore the steps that biopharma companies can take when launching a first product to reduce risk, avoid pitfalls and increase their chances for success, across the entire biopharmaceutical life cycle.

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Topics include:

  • The FDA approval process
  • The target product profile
  • Channel management and logistics 
  • Patient/market access and support
  • Commercialization
  • Choosing a launch partner