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In a rapidly evolving pharmaceutical marketplace, the need to simplify access to treatment while finding new ways to connect with patients has been alleviated by hub programs, which help streamline the process. But not all hubs are created equal.

In this eBook from Cardinal Health Sonexus Access & Patient Support, we take an in-depth look at identifying whether it’s time for a hub transition and if so, how to minimize disruptions to patients and companies alike.

Insights include:

  • Performing a hub services partner diagnostic before considering a transition
  • Assessing the strengths and shortcomings of your current hub services relationship
  • The interconnectivity of systems β€” CRM platforms that connect biopharma hub teams with external hubs
  • Interconnectivity between stakeholders β€” the importance of aligning HCP offices, patients, hubs and pharma
  • Interconnectivity of data β€” designing reporting to get the insights you need

At Cardinal Health Sonexus Access & Patient Support, the No. 1 priority is creating seamless hub transition experiences. This book investigates their methods, helping brands create a new paradigm with positive outcomes across the healthcare landscape.

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