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On October 6, PulsePoint held its second annual Digital Health Forum, “The Future Was Today,” focused on finding the upside of change in an ever-fluid marketplace, and taking a closer look at how an acceleration in companies’ adoption of data and technology is helping to drive better health outcomes. The virtual forum featured a variety of forward-looking sessions that addressed the essential ways data management, digital health marketing and healthcare itself will soon evolve.

Inside this eBook you’ll find:

  • Ways in which data, disruption, dissonance and discipline can help companies in the healthcare space to chart a smart, productive and compassionate path into the future 

  • Highlights and key takeaways from the talks featuring an eclectic mix of multi-disciplinary speakers including doctors, health policy officials, futurists, disruptors and technologists 

  • How with rapid transformation as the backdrop, healthcare companies can realistically envision a future on their own terms 

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