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While there has long been a playbook of effective marketing to HCPs, the healthcare ecosystem has changed dramatically in recent years, creating a significant shift in the channels, materials and tactics for connecting. Our eBook explores some of the factors creating this evolution — including younger physicians who favor interactive materials over static blocks of content, NPs and PAs with prescribing and patient volume that rival MDs and the evolution of America’s HCP demographic comprising more women and people of color than ever before. 

For anyone interested in influencing this new wave of HCPs, this eBook is chock-full of insights, including:

  • What the variegated, state-by-state guidelines affecting collaboration between physicians and NPs and PAs means for marketers 

  • Why millennials are more likely to seek medical advice from online resources rather than scheduling appointments with their HCPs  

  • How the rise of retail clinics, often staffed by NPs or PAs, are transforming health systems and creating new, valuable pathways

  • The strategic rep models and tactics brand team leaders can deploy to facilitate more meaningful HCP encounters

  • Physicians’ opinions on the challenges of remote interactions and telemedicine  

From effective marketing, to ethnic diversity, to educating via TikTok, the Engaging the HCP eBook offers readers an insider’s look at healthcare’s innovatively evolving ecosystem.

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