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MM&M’s first Online Expo welcomed experts across the healthcare map to weigh in on inequities in clinical trials, the expanding role of NPs and PAs, the empathic uses of virtual and augmented reality and redefining the patient journey to match our present-day on-demand, convenient-based economy.

This wide-ranging virtual event offered insights that spoke to the moment, engaging MDs, NPs, PAs, patients and healthcare marketing expert, in conversations around creating better, more diverse and empathic healthcare systems.

Access this free ebook for the event’s illuminating takeaways, including:

  • The imperative effect of empathy in healthcare and how virtual and augmented reality helps build patient trust and improve health outcomes.
  • How the wounds of racial inequality and health literacy disparities have contributed to dismal participation of minorities in clinical research and how having the right people at the table to co-create solutions is key to driving change.
  • Industries across the globe have been challenged to find the best ways to communicate effectively to consumers during the pandemic. Comms experts survey some of the top management tools created to engender safe and convenient ways for patients to connect with their healthcare providers.
  • Critical insights, particularly for pharma, on the expanding role of nurse practitioners and physician assistants. This panel taps into the importance of leveraging relationships with local NP and PA communities — in demand more than ever before due to doctor shortages and expanded caseloads intensified by COVID-19.

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