Our August eBook takes an in-depth look at the eternally evolving media landscape and taps industry leaders in discussions around telehealth, mixed models of engagement, the evolution of tech companies from outsiders to partners and how brands have been adapting their messaging across social media platforms. 

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Content includes:

Virtual selling proved its mettle 

How pharma and their reps can continue to engage with HCPs digitally and in spaces HCPs want to engage with.  

The power of the platform: health and the big-four tech giants

A concise look at how the biggest tech companies in the world evolved from fearsome outsider to trusted partner. 

Marketers ponder telehealth’s post-pandemic future

While the long-term impact of telehealth is open to debate, marketers in and around the field are navigating a new landscape. With widespread vaccination distribution now in progress we take a look at the long-term state of the telehealth union. 

Make it social

How brands are pivoting, pausing and pursuing their messaging across social media platforms.