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In 2020, will point of care outperform previous gains in the marketing spend, bolstered by the channel’s ability to carry pharma’s messaging through to where the script is being written, at the physician’s office? 

Or will pharma marketers remain tethered budget-wise to traditional methods of reaching the patient? 

In this editorial eBook focused on new developments in the POC space, we take a deep dive into the trends and challenges unfolding in 2020. 

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  • Personalized empathetic content, individualized experiences and targeted messaging that fosters communication between the patient and provider are all in play. 
  • POC marketers are expanding their digital footprint with location-based technology to build awareness and deliver education and branded content, client-branded mobile apps, interactive digital screens and patient engagement platforms that integrate directly into the EHR.
  • Scrutiny around data, privacy and security is growing in importance as the concept of POC becomes more ephemeral