Leveraging Virtual Engagement to Further HCP Access and Drive Brand Reach...

In this current environment, virtual engagement with healthcare providers is no longer optional – it’s an absolute necessity.

But as COVID-19 wreaked havoc on pharma’s in the field access to healthcare providers, technology solution provider TrialCard was way ahead of the curve. Recognizing that HCPs were increasingly restricting field reps’ in-person visits to their practices, TrialCard launched its virtual engagement suite of services in 2015.

 “We developed this suite of services before anyone else was even thinking about virtual engagement, and way before COVID-19 was a reality,” says Mark Droke, TrialCard chief sales officer.

This eBook will detail:

  • How technology and data form the nucleus of TrialCard’s platform
  • The skills necessary for a successful virtual sales rep – and how they differ from a traditional field rep
  • Case studies that demonstrate measurable results in brand reach, lead generation and share of growth
  • How COVID-19 has crystalized why TrialCard’s program has achieved such high levels of success    

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