Serving Relevant Content and
Valuable Customer Experiences...

HCPs want access to engaging, useful content from sources they trust, in a range of formats, from desktop to mobile. But new developments in digital marketing also offer brands new and better ways to understand and connect with their customers. 

Today’s modern marketing campaigns look beyond click-through rates – which is only one touchpoint along the customer journey – and instead focus on engagement.

Comprehensive analytical tools allow savvy digital publishers to optimize how to best serve highly relevant content, and provide customers with more valuable experiences.

What are these tools? How are these publishers serving up engagement?

Insights shared in this free eBook include:

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  • The three major areas of engagement: cognitive, emotional or affective, and physical/behavioral
  • Measuring what matters, including ad viewability and exposure, hover rates, and conversions, among other metrics
  • What does an engaging environment look like?
  • How to optimize engagements

Access this free eBook today for key insights on how healthcare marketers are going beyond CTRs to ensure they are measuring what matters!